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Boulder Cycling Map


Boulder Cycling Map

Zach Lee

In early 2015, I felt inspired to work on a long dormant personal project.
Road cycling in the Boulder area is an amazing experience. Geologically, Boulder is nested at the base of the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, at the exact spot where plains turn upward into beautiful mountains. Hundreds of roads link together, winding up and down the canyons or rolling along the plains.

When locals think about going on a ride, we usually base the decision on whether we want to climb westard into the mountains or roll along the plains out east. Our primary reference point is the mountains - which are west.

Unfortunately, there aren't any good road cycling maps for the Boulder area that are simple enough for a user to see how the roads connect. Most maps are very detailed and are limited to the extents of Boulder County, but as cyclists, we think of the Boulder cycling experience as extending beyond county borders

So the idea was simple. Create a map that:

  • Is a combination of a ski resort + subway map
  • shows the connectivity of the roads (both asphalt & dirt)
  • shows average level of difficulty for the road segments
  • gives the user enough general information to plan a route (connection, mileage, elevation)